Laura Spratling

Laura came to the NHS in 2009 from a diverse non-health background, having first studied Modern Languages, and worked for a major publishing firm in Germany. She then trained on the NHS graduate management scheme and holds an MSc in Health and Public Leadership. To date, her career in health has seen her in local commissioning, managing paediatric and ophthalmic services, and working in International Health at the Department of Health. Her current role as Programme Director for Diabetes and Stroke Prevention at the Health Innovation Network (HIN) in South London involves leading two major collaborative improvement programmes which work across the NHS, public health, research and industry.

In her various managerial roles Laura has worked to bring about the best possible outcomes for patients by getting systems to work more effectively and ensuring that staff have the right skills, equipment and support to meet their patients’ needs. Her experience of enthusiastic teamwork and commitment to change was broadened during her recent six-month placement with the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership  at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, where she worked alongside local partners to introduce a new health records system and implement a number of quality improvement projects.

The experience of meeting who Laura describes as "some incredibly strong, resilient and inspiring people, who have survived some terrible times and are committed to working towards a better healthcare system" has strongly influenced Laura’s work as she forges ahead in her current role back in South London.

In her spare time, Laura is an enthusiastic violinist, and performs with various groups including the European Doctors Orchestra.